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Huval Announces Retirement From LUS

Apr 10, 2018 09:30AM ● By Staff Writer
Lafayette, LA - After 23 years of dedicated service to Lafayette and its citizens, Terry Huval announced today he plans to retire later this year.  

“There’s no better time than right now. Fiber is at the height of its success, and LUS is an industry leader in reliability and customer service,” explained Huval.

“While it’s never easy to say goodbye, I’m confident in the strength of these companies, and more importantly, the strength of the people left to continue this good work. My personal plans have been to retire near the end of 2018. I am choosing to make my retirement announcement now in order to provide adequate time to help Mayor Robideaux prepare for and implement the transition.” 

Under Huval’s leadership, Lafayette Utilities System has been at the forefront of innovation and change in the utility industry, all while maintaining competitive rates and delivering the highest reliability in the State of Louisiana. This record alone defines a career worth noting; however, the true legacy he leaves for the citizens of Lafayette is LUS Fiber.

Beginning in 2005, Huval fought to establish the LUS Fiber telecommunications system, which has brought positive national and international acclaim to Lafayette. In only its ninth year of operation, LUS Fiber has garnered considerable market share and profitability. To date, LUS Fiber continues to grow its footprint, now expanding outside Lafayette city limits, spurring economic development, and is on schedule to begin offering affordable 10 Gig residential services by this summer.

Known for his responsiveness to community needs, Huval effectively ran these $300 million-per-year businesses with the mission to consistently be customer and community-focused.

“Under Terry’s leadership, the primary goal of LUS has always been the customer first. Even with the changing landscape of the utilities system and the need to continuously adapt to new technologies, LUS has always prided itself on keeping costs down, maintaining high reliability, and prioritizing customer service,” explained Jeff Stewart, Engineering & Power Supply Manager for LUS.

“Staying progressive in thinking, with successful ventures like launching LUS Fiber and rolling out a smart grid system, there can be challenges to maintaining high standards of service,” continued Stewart. “Under Terry’s guidance and demand for excellence, LUS has successfully accomplished its goals and stayed true to its purpose. As we move forward, LUS and LUS Fiber will continue to embrace that mindset and always make our customers the number one priority.”

Having served four Mayor-Presidents, Huval’s tenure as Utilities Director is the longest in the history of LUS. “Simply put, Lafayette is a better city because of Terry Huval’s service. LUS and LUS Fiber are both shining examples of his successful leadership and strengths as a director. Terry has been a steady hand in my introduction to Lafayette Consolidated Government. His support and partnership throughout my administration has been invaluable,” said Mayor-President Joel Robideaux. 

“As much as I will miss his leadership and drive, I will miss his friendship and support more. Terry gave all of himself to his employees and the citizens of Lafayette. I don’t think people will ever fully grasp the impact his work has on their daily lives,” commented Teles Fremin, Chief Communications Engineer of LUS Fiber.

Source: Lafayette Consolidated Government 4/10/2018