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July 20th Deadline Set To Complete Survey For Homeowners Assistance From The 2016 Floods

May 29, 2018 08:17AM ● By Camille Mosley

(LA Radio Network) If your home was damaged in the 2016 floods, there's a July 20th deadline to complete a survey that starts the process for aid through the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program. 
Homeowners can complete the survey at or call 1-866-735-2001 during normal business hours. Housing Assistance Centers are also open in Lafayette, Hammond, Monroe and Baton Rouge. 
About 50,000 homeowners have completed the survey. Governor John Bel Edwards believes there are flood victims who haven't, because they received SBA loans and are currently ineligible for Restore Louisiana assistance because it would be a duplication of benefits.  
"We continue to press HUD, Congress and the White House for relief from the duplication of benefits problem that's keep so many homeowners from taking advantage of the program," said Edwards. 
Edwards says if Congress makes any changes to the regulations on who could be available for assistance through the federally-funded homeowner assistance program, flood victims will not be eligible if they haven't filled out the survey.
Nearly 11,000 eligible homeowners have been offered grant awards totaling 285-million dollars.