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Artist Tone Records Launches in Downtown Lafayette

Jun 07, 2018 02:06PM ● By Staff Writer

Lafayette has a new digitally-powered independent record label, Artist Tone Records.

Founded by Lafayette native and artist, Marc Broussard, the Artist Tone label exists to create an ecosystem that values people, art, and ideas for local artists. When asked about why he started Artist Tone Records, Broussard said, “The goal is to empower us as artists to come together and empower artists to take control of their careers so that we're not competing with one another.” Broussard goes on to say, “I've talked to musicians all across the country. We all agree that we are currently lacking opportunities to make it in this business, especially in this region. Artist Tone is here to help us pool our resources together and build a community that helps artists of all levels succeed and open new doors.”

Artist Tone’s sister company, Artist Tribune (, is a publishing company that gives locally and regionally relevant artist-curated content to users across multiple markets. The Artist Tone team is comprised of a collection of talented artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, and technologists who understand the challenges of creating and sustaining a music career.

Frankie Russo, Co-Founder of Artist Tone Records, commented, “We have a very unique group of people who came together to make this work. We all come from different backgrounds, but we are constantly working together as a team for the sole purpose of making these artists the best they can be in all aspects of life.” Ultimately, they strive to empower their roster of musicians with the tools to help break down the barriers of art and business and hopefully transform artists into entrepreneurs.

 Photo Credit: Artist Tribune (Website)