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MOXEY - The New Digital Currency In Acadiana

Aug 13, 2018 01:34PM

Acadiana businesses have a new tool for growth with “MOXEY.” But what is it? MOXEY is a unique digital currency designed to help businesses of all sizes. It's electronic; there is no hard currency. Moxey provides an app, a credit card network with swipe machines, and an online merchant processing account. Funds move instantly, and you can access all of your account activity in the online dashboard.

MOXEY provides companies with an ever-expanding network of customers and resources. The MOXEY card, which looks like a traditional credit card allows members to purchase and sell goods and services throughout the MOXEY network.

“MOXEY’s goal is to help members thrive in business and life,” says Charlie Davis, President of MOXEY. "We perform well for businesses. Our members are joining a network of thousands of businesses that are not using the traditional money to buy, sell, or pay for everyday expenses. And we've seen that open up hidden potential for businesses."

Last year, MOXEY processed 100,000 transactions totaling more than 20 million in volume. Lafayette and the Acadiana area is now a part of this network linking thousands of other businesses across LA, MS, AL, and TN.

The local MOXEY community is managed by Rick Watkins founder of the Trust Acadiana Business Network. Rick has been involved in the business networking industry since 2001 and has helped hundreds of local businesses become more profitable. Trust Acadiana, Inc. was formed in November 2009 after a meeting of 22 like-minded Acadiana business owners and has since expanded its clientele to over 350 locally owned businesses.

MOXEY creates a competitive advantage for businesses that accept it as a form of payment.

Business owners wanting to learn more about MOXEY and Trust Acadiana should contact 337-356-3480 or visit