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LPSS In The News

Sep 26, 2018 10:57AM ● By News Desk

New Facebook Page Allows Parents and Students to Receive Real-time Bus Updates

LPSS has created a new Facebook page for its public transit system. The page called LPSS Daily Transportation Report allows parents access to daily bus reports. This includes route changes, bus number changes, mechanical breakdowns, and late routes. Parents can see everything the principal sees in real time to know if there is an issue with the bus their children rides. The school system encourages parents to Like the page as well as checking it daily for updates.


LPSS Credit Rating Improves

LPSS was notified last month by S&P Global Ratings that its credit rating has been upgraded from an "AA -" to an "AA" rating. For the school district, this means it will be allowed to sell bonds more easily at lower yields, thus allowing the school system to add more money into improvements for school system infrastructure. LPSS was able to reach this goal via its practical application of financial management and policies as well as the reserve funds the school system keeps on hand. LPSS is one of two districts in the state of Louisiana to mark this achievement.

LPSS Implements Lafayette-CheckBook

OpenGov, the leader in government performance management, has partnered with LPSS to create This incredibly easy-to-use website allows total transparency to the public regarding budgets and how taxpayer money is being spent in the school system. “A government entity’s financial records belong to the public, and today’s technology means we as custodians of those records must make them available in the easiest, most transparent, and accessible way possible,” said District 6 Board Member Justin Centanni. Centanni encourages the public to visit the new online presence to check for improvements to the school system by pointing out errors and improvements: "[W]e invite the public to visit and dig deep. Let us know where you see potential savings and waste, and together we’ll continue being good, accountable stewards of taxpayer dollars. After all, it’s your money. You should know how every penny is being spent.” Visit for more information.

Lafayette Library To Allow LPSS Student Ids As Library Cards

The Lafayette Public Library has partnered with LPSS to allow students to use their school Ids as library cards. This partnership permits students to not just have the regular benefits of a library card, but also includes access to their tutoring services, homework help, and free paper printing perks. The biggest advantage of using one's student ID at the library is the erasure of late fees. Instead of being charged a late fee for overdue books, DVDs, audio books, magazines and games, students will instead be sent an email close to the due date. When the item is not returned on time, it will be automatically renewed. If students are not issued physical Ids or Id numbers by their school, they can simply go to the library and tell their name and school to the circulation desk to take advantage of this deal. If parents do not want their child's information to be with the library, they can call 261-5781 to take the child off the list. For more information, visit