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SNL Skit Mocking AOC and South Louisiana Falls Short

Oct 15, 2018 09:13AM ● By Staff Writer
Years after the show ceased to be funny or relevant to anyone above the age of 30, Saturday Night Live (SNL) decided to do a skit this past weekend which mocked Lafayette's own Acadiana Open Channel (AOL) and the people of South Louisiana.

While the skit did bring national attention to Lafayette, it certainly didn't do anything to help promote our community. Plagued with a bad storyline, fake accents, and stereotypical southern humor, the skit came off like a BAD Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, remixed to include a confusing political message. 

I love great comedy and I have no problem being the butt of a good joke, but if you're going to do it... Do it right!

That's my opinion, now bring back Cajun Man!

Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino