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Parrot Nearly Gets Abbeville Man Arrested

Sep 03, 2019 03:23PM ● By Staff Writer
Vermilion Parish -- Two Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a residence in Abbeville last week after receiving complaints from the parents of school-age girls who catch the bus near the home.

Upon their arrival, the deputies began interviewing the male resident and informed him they were responding to complaints of a male subject whistling cat-calls toward the young girls as they wait for the bus, and that he needed to stop it immediately.  

The man repeatedly informed the deputies that it was certainly not him, but they did not believe him.  As the situation began to escalate, the man suddenly remembered that in a building next to his house was an African Grey Parrot named Harley that he was keeping for a friend. He knows Harley is quite talkative and normally stands on his perch stand by a window that faces the bus stop.  The man quickly tried to explain that it was most likely Harley making the cat-calls, but the deputies still did not believe him, so the homeowner asked the deputies to follow him into the building.  And as if on cue, as soon as the deputies entered, ole Harley started whistling cat-calls along with a few choice words. 

After a short laugh, the deputies informed the man they would explain the situation to the parents. 

Apparently, in Louisiana, a parrot is allowed to whistle at young girls but a man cannot. 

      True story.  

About the African Grey Parrot

One of the main reasons people seek African Grey Parrots as pets is because they are one of the species more likely to learn to mimic sounds or talk. What is particularly interesting about their mimicking ability is that it is often so exact that it's difficult to tell the bird from the person he is mimicking.