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Acadian Sr. V.P. Named to USDOT Air Ambulance and Patient Billing Advisory Committee

Sep 19, 2019 05:16PM ● By News Desk

Asbel Montes, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives of Acadian Ambulance Service, has been appointed to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Air Ambulance and Patient Billing Advisory Committee (AAPB Advisory Committee).

U.S. DOT Secretary Elaine L. Chao recently announced the formation of the AAPB Advisory Committee and appointment of its 13 members. The Committee will advise the Secretary about issues relating to air ambulance services and patient billing and will review options to improve the disclosure of charges and fees for air medical services, better inform consumers of insurance options for such services, and protect consumers from balance billing.

In a statement published by the Acadian Companies, Acadian Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag said, “Acadian Ambulance and Acadian Air Med have been strong proponents of protecting patients from excessive financial burden resulting from emergency air transport and we are honored to have Asbel serve on this important and prestigious committee.”

Montes will serve as the representative of air ambulance operators (fixed wing). He is active with the American Ambulance Association and is a highly respected industry leader in cost reporting, compliance and patient advocacy.

Source: DOT 57-19 Photo: Acadian Companies © Jude Chiasson