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OPINION: The Race For Lafayette Mayor-President - Who’s Got The Power?

Sep 27, 2019 03:09PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.

OPINION – Among the most talked about races in this election cycle is the Lafayette Mayor-President’s race. This packed race has five candidates vying for the parishes top spot, all with different backgrounds and skill sets. Over the past few months, Parish News has evaluated the candidates using specific key indicators to assess each candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

While all candidates stated that drainage, infrastructure, roads, taxes, and creating local jobs is high on their priority list. Our non-partisan assessments were based on multiple factors including overall knowledge of the community, overall knowledge of citizen concerns, public speaking skills, ability to think on their feet when dealing with tough questions, communication skills such as returning messages and answering emails, accessibility to the public, a vision for future growth of the community, business experience, leadership ability, and more. Then the scores were sorted into six different categories and from those categories a “Power Rating” was given for each candidate, ranking them from 0% to 100% qualified for the position.*

 *Learn more about the City-Parish Mayor-President candidates by visiting their websites: 

Carlee Alm-LaBar (No Party)

Simone Champagne (Republican)

'Josh' Guillory (Republican)

Carlos Harvin (Democrat) 

Nancy Marcotte (Republican)