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LCG Disability Awareness Coordinator Receives National Certification

Oct 08, 2019 07:11AM ● By Press Release

Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Disability Awareness Coordinator Liam Doyle has completed a training program to become a nationally certified ADA Coordinator. Doyle began the training in October of 2017 which entailed a combination of in-person and online coursework.

“I am thrilled to be receiving this distinction not only as the completion of a long-standing goal, but also what it offers Lafayette as a whole,” said Doyle of the experience. “This program was designed to give its participants a deep understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the tools to implement its regulations in order to move a community forward. It is my hope that others will follow in my footsteps and look into this program in order to gain the knowledge and insight associated with it.”

As a well-known local disability advocate and former Chairman of the Awareness Committee for Citizens with Disabilities, Doyle joined the Robideaux Administration in 2017. According to Robideaux, the Disability Awareness Coordinator position was created to serve as an official voice for citizens with disabilities within LCG. “Liam brings the knowledge and passion needed to accurately address disability issues on a day-to-day basis. With his help, Lafayette’s citizens will see expedited planning and improvement towards ADA compliance, faster responses to constituents’ concerns and greater awareness of our inclusion efforts.”

In addition to being nationally certified, Liam will also be an acting ADA Coordinator, along with LCG’s current ADA Coordinator Shaun Williams. Doyle works with several groups at the local and state level to improve the lives of others. He is a recipient of the Ken Vice Advocacy GOLD Award and the Outstanding Individual with a Disability Award, both in 2015.

The ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program is offered by the University of Missouri through the College of Human and Environmental Sciences, School of Architectural Studies and the Great Plains ADA Center.

Photo of Disability Awareness Coordinator Liam Doyle and Mayor-President Joel Robideaux