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LCG Launches Digital 311 Lafayette Services

Oct 16, 2019 03:21PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.
Nearly everyone in America is familiar with the phrase 'If you See Something, Say Something.' Its philosophy and practice have helped to prevent and resolve countless accidents and potentially harmful acts throughout our country.

But with that simple phrase applying to so many issues and situations, who should you say something to?  Who do you call?  For me, the last thing I want to do is tie up the 911 system for a non-emergency service call.*  I also don't want to spend time searching for phone numbers if I want to report something as simple as an abandoned vehicle or a noise complaint.

Fortunately, to facilitate this issue and to streamline public service requests, LCG has launched it's new digital 311 Lafayette Services portal. This new system is designed to facilitate a new generation of users in the community.  The 311 Lafayette website was unveiled at Tuesday's LCG council meeting by Randy Gray, Director of IS&T, and is available by visiting  

Currently, the new online system allows users to report specific non-emergency police-related requests, such as suspected illegal activities or possible areas of concern in the community.  Officials tell us that additional features will be available in the future.  When complete, users will also be able to make service requests for non-police related items like pothole or street light repairs and allows them to track certain developments associated with their request.

In 2018, Mayor-President Joel Robideaux and the Lafayette Consolidated Government launched a parish-wide 311 Phone Service system, which allows individuals to call a single source (311) to report non-emergency service requests in Lafayette Parish. This call center remains in place and representatives are available to take calls Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

* NOTE: Law enforcement agencies throughout the parish want the public to know that if there is any doubt as to the seriousness of the situation you are reporting to call 911 for immediate assistance.