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Lafayette Plane Crash: Overview And Photo Montage

Jan 02, 2020 02:54PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.
Cover Photo is a File Photo of Piper Cheyenne ll

On the morning of December 28th, 2019, with limited visibility, a charter flight with five passengers and a single pilot departed the Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) bound for Atlanta, Georgia. 

After reaching an altitude of nearly 1000 feet, the plane suddenly veered off course and quickly began to descend. When the plane reached 700 feet, the LFT tower sent a warning signal to the plane alerting the pilot of the low altitude. LFT received no response from the plane.

Within 45 seconds of departure, the plane crashed into a Post Office parking lot spreading a debris field over an estimated 1000 feet. 

Of the six on board, five, including the pilot, were killed. The sixth passenger suffered severe burns and as of the time of this article is listed in critical condition with burns covering 75% of his body. Three bystanders were also injured, with one suffering serious burns. 

Lafayette Fire Officials have released the names of those on board the plane. 

The plane's six passengers have been identified as: 

- Ian E. Biggs, white male, the plane's pilot, age 51 yrs old (Deceased)
- Robert Vaughn Crisp II, white male, age 59 yrs old (Deceased)
- Carley Ann McCord, white female, age 30 yrs old (Deceased)
- Gretchen D. Vincent, white female, age 51 yrs old (Deceased)
- Michael Walker Vincent, white male, age 15 yrs old (Deceased)

At this time the only surviving passenger remains hospitalized and in critical condition. He has been identified as Stephen "Wade" Berzas, white male, 37 yrs old.

Three bystanders were also injured on the ground.  At this time, two have been released and the third remains in a New Orleans hospital recovering from burns that reportedly cover some 35% of her body. 

The NTSB is investigating the crash. 

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Lafayette Plane Crash Overview