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Lafayette: Newly Elected Officials Sworn Into Office

Jan 06, 2020 07:44PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.

(Lafayette, La.)  Lafayette's newly elected Mayor-President, Josh Guillory, along with members of the new City Council and Parish Council were sworn into office Monday during an inauguration ceremony held at Heymann Performing Arts Center. 

A humble and confident Guillory addressed those in attendance with his message of improving government transparency and promising that his administration with work diligently to make sure that all residents of Lafayette Parish are treated fairly, no matter if they live within the city limits or not. He also promised to revamp the Universal Development Code (UDC), which has caused countless problems for developers and businesses. 

As Guillory was outlining his plans for change, Lafayette Police Chief Toby Aguillard released a statement announcing his resignation. Aguillard's resignation comes after multiple requests from Guillory to step down.

For the first time since 1995, Lafayette has a separate City and Parish council being made up of 5 members each.

The administration of Oath of Office was performed by Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret. 

Sworn in for the new Lafayette City Council were:

Dist. 1 - Patrick Lewis 

Dist. 2 - Andy Naquin

Dist. 3 - Liz Hebert

Dist. 4 - Nanette Cook

Dist. 5 - Glenn Lazard

Sworn in for the new Lafayette Parish Council were: 

Dist. 1 - Bryan Tabor

Dist. 2 - Kevin Naquin

Dist. 3 - Josh Carlson

Dist. 4 - John Guilbeau

Dist. - Abraham "AB" Rubin, Jr.

The new councils are scheduled to hold their first meetings on Tuesday. Of the first items to consider is a request from Mayor-President Guillory for major changes to Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Public Works Department that would add two new agencies. His proposal includes a new Drainage Department and a Traffic, Roads and Bridges Department. 


Photos by: Flint Zerangue