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Mardi Gras Safety Reminders

Feb 21, 2020 11:11AM ● By News Desk
Parish News and The Lafayette City Police Department would like to remind everyone of a few prohibited acts and safety tips to help make your Mardi Gras experience fun and safe.

• No products that are manufactured for the purpose of being thrown against a hard surface or stepped on to make a popping noise such as: Snaps, Pops, cracker balls.
• No open flames heating or cooking devices on public right-of-ways
• No silly string
• No animals 
• No skates, rollerblading, skateboarding or bicycling 
• No whips
• No clothing or items depicting nudity and/or profanity

Safety Reminders:
• Stay behind all barricades during the parade
• Do not move, tamper, stand or sit on barricades
• Entering the barricaded areas during the parades is not allowed and strictly enforced

• All normal parking regulations apply during Mardi Gras parades
• Observe all special event parking signs along the parade route

• DO NOT throw anything at floats or float riders
• DO NOT climb trees
• Obey all laws pertaining to indecent exposure

Lost/Missing children:
• Do not leave children unattended
• Decide in advance on a meeting place in case anyone gets lost within your group
• Notify police of a missing child immediately

Medical Assistance 
• Acadian Ambulance Service will have ambulance units stationed along the parade route. Citizens needing medical assistance should notify one of the police officers along the parade route or report to the nearest police command post.

Remember to drink responsibly, designate a driver if you intend to drink, by not doing so, it could result in costly fines and serious jail time. 

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Happy Mardi Gras Acadiana!